Veel waterstoringen als gevolg van storm gisteren

Nog niet alle waterstoringen zijn verholpen. Wij werken er hard aan om alles zo spoedig mogelijk te herstellen. Kijk voor actuele informatie op



Valuable water for now and the future is our mission. We take care of providing 24/7 securable tap water and excellent services. Vitens looks beyond borders by being active in the protection of our valuable drinking water sources in order to make our promises true by providing top quality drinking water in another 100 years.

Our Mission

Vitens stands for more than 100 years of top quality drinking water. We know the value of water, which is for life. This is the reason why we guarantee the access to securable and reliable drinking water. Here and now, every hour of the day, for all our customers in our service area. But also next generations should be able to count on us. We take action so that tap water gets the constant attention it deserves in all branches of society. And in countries where top quality drinking water cannot be taken for granted, we deliver our contribution and share our knowledge.


As a supplier of a first basic need Vitens is in the core of society. We cannot do our work without our surroundings. We are in constant dialogue with our customers, suppliers, supervisors and social partners.

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In order to deliver valuable water now and in the future we work on three strategic objectives: continuity, customer excellence and the sustainable deployment of sources and means.

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We work on reaching our strategic goals via different programmes in which not just our clients are core, but also sustainability and innovation play an important role.

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